July 2018

Partnering up with local Graphic Designers

We have started working with new business Graphfix in Broadstone, Dorset for specialist graphics, artwork and custom WordPress theme designs. It’s a chance for us to work with a very experienced graphic designer and we are looking forward to using their inspirational artwork and building them into our finished websites.


January 2018

What is SSL, does your website need it and how much does it cost?

There has been a lot of news in the press about website security and specifically SSL encryption, so what is SSL, does your website need it and how much does it cost?

Websites protected with an SSL certificate encrypt the communication between the website itself and the website visitor. Where you have sensitive communication (e.g. you’re handing over your credit card or putting in a password) that’s essential. Sites like PayPal, Facebook and your bank switched to SSL a long time ago. You can tell whether a site is using SSL because the site address starts https:// instead of the traditional http://. Also, most browsers mark such sites with a padlock, or green shading, or the words “Secure” or similar.


Facebook in Chrome


HSBC in Internet Explorer


But remember, if your site doesn’t contain anything more sensitive than your publicly available contact details and no confidential communication takes place with your clients via your website you don’t really need SSL.

Nevertheless, over the last 12 months there’s been a tidal wave of sites paying to switch to SSL.



    1. Google are starting to give sites with SSL certificates a small ranking boost, which puts such sites higher up the search results
    2. Nowadays it’s seen as more correct, more up-to-date, and more respectful of your website’s visitors to protect all your communication with them, even when it’s not sensitive or private
    3. Browsers have started beefing up the visual cues to mark secure (SSL) sites – see my pics above. There’s a perception that the lack of the browser padlock etc will start to damage your brand.

In some cases Google ranking may not interest you, but having a site that’s perceived as being correct by every measure is probably more of an issue for your potential customisers and how your business is judged online.

We can provide your website with an SSL certificate should you wish to do so. Generally this currently costs approximately £100, so well worth the effort of ensuring your customers perception that you have a secure website and that you take their online security seriously whilst also improving your sites ranking on Google.

November 2017

Dorset Search Dogs


We were excited to start work with Dorset Search Dogs this week.

Dorset Search Dogs logo

They are a voluntary organisation set up in 2006 with the purpose of assisting Dorset Police and other statutory bodies int the search for missing persons. They have a dedicated team of dogs, handlers and operational supports and make themselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team includes several dog handlers, three operational supports and one non-operational support.  They currently have a number of operational dogs with others in training or awaiting assessment.  They also have immediate access to another five Hampshire based dogs and a network of further dog units situated around the UK.

Their Facebook page is here and you can find them on Twitter here.

Here’s a sneak preview of the website design we’ve started work on:

Website screenshot for Dorset Search Dogs

Like all our designs, this one will be a WordPress theme created uniquely for Dorset Search Dogs, no bloated templates in sight.

We are also looking at hooking into their powerful readiness & response management software, so the website will be able to show their latest callouts in real time.

They obviously work hard keeping Dorset folk safe and we’re pleased to support this worthy cause. Plus we’re enjoying looking at photos of dogs as we put together ideas for their new website.

May 2017

Flyer created for Wimborne Rugby Football Club

Website Design For Dorset are proud to support local community projects such as Wimborne Rugby Football Club. We created and printed 200 copies of this flyer to assist them in their current recruiment drive so they could be handed out at the bag packing event which took place in Waitrose, Wimborne over the May Day bank holiday weekend.

February 2017

New Office Space

Website Design For Dorset are on the move! But we’re staying within the same building at our current offices in Stone Lane in Wimborne. We are converting a previously unused space into a new usable office. So we can continue to create the beautifully designed websites we always have for our fabulous clients. We’re hoping to be in the new office within the next 2 weeks, but we’ll keep you posted.

Lets discuss your project!

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