Custom WordPress Themes

Get a WordPress theme that’s developed specifically for your requirements.

We can design you a brand new fully responsive custom WordPress theme that’s custom made just for you. We will work closely with you to create a custom theme that is designed around your specific requirements and needs from your direction.

Design your own website

We find that many of our customers come to us because they have believed that they can easily create their own website using either a free online website builder application or they have downloaded a free WordPress theme which they intend on adding their content into.

Although the marketing for such solutions says it’s easy to build your own website, we’ve found from many customers that unless you’re willing to sacrifice multiple hours of your time to learn the skills required to successfully use these tools, it’s not as easy as first thought. Many customers have come to us after finding out after several hours of frustration that they can’t get the solution to do what they initially thought was possible.

We can take this problem away by building a website that still uses WordPress to process the back end and content integration but that is tailored to your unique requirements. We can also omit any unused or unneeded processes, so the site becomes as streamlined as possible and the back end of the site as tidy as possible to aide ease of use.

Be your own website editor

You will then have full control of your sites contents and you will become your own website’s editor. Also, this can easily be integrated with an e-commerce enabled content management system, or online shop. So you can, if required keep complete control of your stock inventory.

Plug-in Development

We have a range is pre-existing custom plugins that we have developed in-house so our customers can incorporate customised features into their WordPress websites. This enables our customers to extend features of their website beyond the set standard of current off the shelf plugins that are available.

Easy Content Editing

Once your WordPress website is live you become in complete control of the site’s contents. You can create new pages, write copy, add images. This enables your website to keep pace with your business so its content is always relevant. This has an organic knock on effect within Google, Google likes fresh content so in turn your site will rise to the top of any search results which are relevant to your sites contents.

Lets discuss your project!

We are a team of specialists each with different areas of expertise. We are based in Wimborne. We are open to visits by appointments so please contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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